Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Really, I Get YOU....

I love my job, I really do. But there are those very awkward moments when I'm speaking to someone, and they're asking me for help, they're giving me their life story, and why they have to workout, and at the same time they're telling me how busy they are. How they don't have the time, how they only got x amount of time, how far it is, how they're not gym people, how this, how that and at the same time eating a bunch of crap in front of me, and saying they shouldn't be.... AND THE LIST GOES ON.
It's in these moments, my inner voice just can't shut up. I totally understand where a lot of you are coming from. Really I do, I'm busy too. Many of you think, just because I'm a trainer, I live at the gym. This is so not TRUE. I actually have another job, a family that depends on me and I am a care provider for my disabled husband. So yea, I get it. I also can attest to the motivations of having to get healthy, I, myself was very ill a few years ago, and being athletic all my life, I knew I had to get off my ASS, NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK AND GET MYSELF MOVING, EATING ACCORDING TO MY BODIES DEMANDS, AND DETOXING FROM UNHEALTHY PEOPLE. So, when you are basically asking me for my advice, saying you want help, but at the same time shooting down every solution I'm offering you regarding your dilemma, the POINT IS, YOU CAN LIE TO YOURSELF, BUT PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME.
Here's the deal, YOU'RE NOT READY to do what you're claiming you want to do. You're using every reason to not get started towards your LIFE GOALS, you're self-sabotaging yourself, and you're basically trying to tell me you know everything about what you have to do, but ain't doing it. AND AT THE SAME TIME TELLING ME HOW TO DO MY JOB. Really!!! Firstly, it's free advice, you asked, I answered. {I usually charge for that, and if you can't afford my one on one, I offer classes.} Secondly, you're not a lone, there's more going on inside of you, and I know that, YOU know that, and many of us have to accept change in order to heal, move forward and live. Thirdly, when you're really ready I'll be here, just ask. Fourthly, only you can make the choice, but the real beginning starts when you take a good honest look at yourself and realize YOU, AND ONLY YOU, CAN MAKE THE CHANGE. Fifthly, doing what I do is not as easy as you think. I don't just jump up and down, curl some dumbbells and squat my ass off all day. NOPE, I care about my clients, every single one of them. I take their concerns personally, and they trust me. It's the human element that is why I'm here. SO YES I CARE, BUT YOU NEED TO CARE ABOUT YOU FIRST BEFORE I CAN EVEN BEGIN TO HELP YOU.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stretching For A Better MInd-Body Connection

Stretching, as part of your workout plan is a must.
For those of you who just hit the gym, no warm up on cardio for even 5 minutes and start stretching before your workout is asking for serious issues. First you shouldn't ever stretch cold, ever, your muscles won't be happy with you. Second, don't ever stretch before a heavy lifting session, you can create muscle weakness and fatigue. Warm up at least 5-10 minutes if you want to stretch and go easy, than work out, if that's what you like doing. I prefer to do a really nice 10 minute cool down stretch session to give my body a release from all the lactic acids build up in my muscles and to get my heart and breath back down to normal, helping me to relax and may be even prevent DOMs {Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness} Everyone has their opinion on the subject, but if you don't do any type of stretching you are missing out on so much healthy benefits, from range of movement, relaxation, mind-body connection, pain prevention, and just feeling good in your own skin. Trying a yoga class may also help you with your pain management if you have injuries, but ask your physician first before trying any type of exercise program if you have preexisting medical conditions to be safe. If you're new to working out get informed first, before just trying something new, to prevent unnecessary injuries. #stretching #yogaforlife #soulfitnesshawaii #workouts

Monday, January 13, 2014

Self Love, Working Out Releases Stress, Tension and Confusion

Tip of the Day: Self Love... You care for everyone in your ohana. You, make sure that all the bills get paid, dinner is cooked, and laundry is washed, folded and put away. You even make sure the dog & cat is blissfully happy. Yep, you do all that and than some. So what about you? Here's a simple one, give yourself 45 minutes to workout. Yep, workout, to give back to yourself, for you. Release the tension, stress, and confusion of the day, week, month. Give yourself a session to empower your body, mind and soul... Every Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4:30-5:15pm workout with me and let me share with you how amazing you are by just giving yourself the time to be you. My workouts are a mixture of light cardio to get you warmed up, with light weight training to condition and tone the entire body, and finally a really nice cool down stretch to leave you completely invigorated, long after you leave my class. Knowing you did this for yourself, will give you a feeling of satisfaction, that you are worth it. Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com Resolution GYM
— in Hilo, HI.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Be the Team Captin of Your Life

Tip of the Day: Being your own Support Group... Yep, that's how it is sometimes, when the things you dream of doing don't resonate to the one's in your life. Sometimes frenz, business associates, loved ones, don't really get why you're doing what you do. Sometimes they feel that what you're doing is not worth the money, time or effort. Hell, sometimes they feel you just shouldn't do it because of your age, being a woman, a mother or a wife. And sometimes they are to dam jealous, intimidated and afraid of you to support what you're doing, because deep down inside, what you're doing is PUSHING THEIR DAM BUTTONS, to the point that everything you do to succeed makes them painfully aware they're not doing it for themselves. Like that's your problem. I say DO IT ANYWAY, DO IT HARDER, AND PUSH YOURSELF TO THE POINT THAT YOU REACH AND INCINERATE YOUR GOALS. It's not your concern how they feel. Sure if it's your spouse, or ohana, but really, if they love you for you, they'll support you for you, knowing it makes you happy. If not well than may be you need to reassess your relationships. As far as coworkers, business associates etc, may be it's showing you that you deserve bigger and better, and it's time to give yourself the promotion you deserve by moving on and finding better support. In life it goes both ways, when we do what we love, and surround ourselves with people who love what we do and see the vision, amazing things happen. Find people that deserve you for you, if not leave'm behind. No support means, they ain't on your team. BE THE TEAM LEADER OF YOUR LIFE, don't be the seat warmer. PKM2014 Soul Fitness Hawaii http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com/

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sex and Exercise

Sex & Exercise... Okay, you all don't talk about it, but here's the deal, getting in shape is more than just fitting into your clothes! Yea, you want to drop a few dress sizes, and wear that slinky dress, BUT REALLY, IT'S MORE ABOUT SLIPPING INTO THAT SEXY BLACK & RED TEDDY, THAT YOU'RE REALLY THINKING ABOUT. Tell me I'm wrong, I don't think so! Our main hidden agenda is to LOOK SEXY WITH OUT IT! How's about better sex. That's right, when you're healthy mind, body and soul, everything in your life starts to improve, EVEN YOUR SEX LIFE. That's right, SEX!!! Who wouldn't want to be more flexible, more confident, more self assured in bed! Me for one, and ladies trust me when I say you'll have more endurance, you'll be stronger, feel sexier and more sensual, not to mention like how you'll look NAKED. There's so much more to exercise than JUST LOOSING WEIGHT. Your heart is healthier, your bones are stronger and you live longer, and you'll have more and better sex throughout your life. Sex is a very important part of our lives. It's also a very healthy way to express our happiness with ourselves. When we feel healthy, we exude that type of energy to those we love. Just like when we exercise, our bodies release happy hormones that trigger euphoria in a way it's the same as when we have sex. SO HOW'S THAT TO GET YOUR MOTORS RUNNING TO EXERCISE!!! Want more... Exercising for 45 minutes gives you a high, that's why it's been known to help with depression, anxiety and stress. So if you want to lose the weight, that's fine, but before you do, consider all the other reasons to get moving and healthy, I bet you'll be happily surprised and satisfied with yourself for doing it. http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com Puakea Soares-Mercado 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Health and Fitness Conditiong Classes in Hilo Hawaii 96720

Don't Forget... Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4:30pm - 5:15pm conditioning and core building with me PK at Resolution GYM ~ got questions call me 315-9130 ALOHA
{If you want to learn how to work your whole body, to gain strength, tone up muscles and help build balance and flexibility this is a great class for you.} Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit If you need one on one specific fitness training and health coaching, for youth, seniors, adults and people with special needs, I'm available in the Hilo, Hawaii side of the Big Island. Mahalo ~ PK — in Hilo, HI

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Not to Do In The Gym

Everyday I go to the gym and see either a newbie or even a long time member doing one or more of these NO, NO'S. Take a look, make sure you're not one of them, and get yourself informed with the best information to keep you safe and injury free. http://www.oxygenmag.com/lifestyle/the-7-most-dangerous-gym-practices/

Exercise #2 Pressed For Time Series

Pressed For Time...Exercise #2 {Beginner level} Ready to jump out the door as soon as your alarm clock rings, that's me sometimes. So I can really understand the go go go life style, but also having the desire to get my blood pumping and my energy revving. There's so many really good exercises to choose from, but my second go to choice is a stiff or bent leg dead lift with a shoulder press. I love this all in one exercise due to it's everyday useable functional purpose. Done correctly it works the entire body, strengthening and aiding range of movement, as well getting chi circulated. Home: if you're at home and you've got free weights than you're good to go. If you don't have any types of exercise equipment, just grab a broom stick and use it like you'd use a barbell, if you don't have one, your second option is to get 2 large cans of food and use them as you would dumbbells, one in each hand. Gym: I love both styles of dead lifts with dumbbells or barbells, it's really your choice, and what works for you. Time: 5-10 minutes Reps: 12-15 Sets: 2-3 Equipment : Exercise Body Bar {weighted bar from 20-40lbs} Dumbbells 10-20lbs Barbell 25lbs & up , don't have these improvise with broom & canned foods. Technique: Simple dumbbell dead lifts: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your dumbbells in each hand, slowly hinge forward at the hips, keeping your back flat and head & neck forward, Keeping the weights close to your body lower them to just below your knees, no more, and return to standing position. once you've gotten to the standing position, keeping your arms to your side of your body and bend your elbows and push in one fluid motion and press weights up and towards your head, than return to start position. Doing multiple plane techniques is just one way to work different parts of the body in short periods of time.

Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Best Exercises To Do When You're Pressed for Time

Pressed for time... Ok, if you only got 5 minutes to spare, and you're wondering what would be the best exercise to do ASAP? For me it would be DEEP SQUATS. Get down deep, using your whole body and really pushing with your legs to activate the entire muscle system. Do anywhere between 15-20 reps continuously , body weight only, good form, nice breathing, and full range of motion. NO CHEATING HERE. 2 sets if you can. Check back later for my favorite 3 PRESSED FOR TIME GO TO EXERCISES you can do anywhere, anytime with just your body. http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com/

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tip of the Day Start Where You're At

Tip of the Day: Start where you are... Yep, the gym is going to be busy. Yep you have to work today, tomorrow and the next. Yep, the kiddos are calling, they're hungry, got homework, and dinner needs to be made. Yep, hubby is taking off to go to his CROSSFIT CLASS.... WELL WHAT ABOUT YOU???? Hey, guess what, the gym is opens early and closes at 9pm. Don't know what to do in the gym where to start or just to crowded.... start where you're at. In the kitchen, drop it low and do 12 squats. Waiting in the line at the water cooler at work, well squeeze them glutes and pull in your gut. Picking up the kids and they're going off in the car, put some up beat motivating music on and get pumped for your evening class with me. Can't make it call me for a consultation and lets get you ready for your home workout or gym workout, or even work group workout by giving you a program to follow to meet your custom goals. I know you can do that.... trust me you can get so much done in 20 minutes you'd be amazed how good you'll feel and look by just STARTING WHERE YOU'RE AT. http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com/ #healthandfitness #soulfitnesshawaii #tipoftheday #exercise #women

Soul Fitness Hawaii, I'm a Work In Progress

The Greatest Art Form in the world is the art of self~transformation... I'm a Work in progress. #fitness #motivation #women #soulfitnesshawaii #exercise

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Easy Does It in 2014, Soul Fitness Hawaii Meeting All Your Fitness Training Needs

I'm not your your average personal trainer that expects you to show up at the gym or the field and puts you through your sets, reps and drills. Nope! Not my style, never was or will be. I'm a one on one caring compassionate professional that loves what I do, and takes my job training each and every one of my clients with a customized approach to meeting your goals and needs. We all got goals, dreams and wishes. Some to be buffed and ripped,some to have more endurance & conditioning, some to lose that 20lbs, some to be healthy and live a long life, and some that just want to stand up and not feel pain. I hear you, trust me that's the whole reason why I do what I do. I've been right where you're at, and, I'll tell you this, no one was there for me. I had to do it all on my own. That's why I'm here for you. You matter, and what you need from me as someone you can trust and depend on to meet your needs as a professional matters to me. Answering your questions, getting the right program set up for you, working with you in a comfortable location that works for you, being dedicated to seeing it through is all part of the plan. http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com We all have someone we know that needs or could use daily exercise, but have special needs that may not allow them to leave their home, or not sure if they can get exercise due to special care, call me for information.... I CAN HELP. #personaltraining #fitness2014 #seniorfitness #bodyblast #soulfitnesshawaii #hilohawaii — in Hilo, HI.