Friday, January 10, 2014

Be the Team Captin of Your Life

Tip of the Day: Being your own Support Group... Yep, that's how it is sometimes, when the things you dream of doing don't resonate to the one's in your life. Sometimes frenz, business associates, loved ones, don't really get why you're doing what you do. Sometimes they feel that what you're doing is not worth the money, time or effort. Hell, sometimes they feel you just shouldn't do it because of your age, being a woman, a mother or a wife. And sometimes they are to dam jealous, intimidated and afraid of you to support what you're doing, because deep down inside, what you're doing is PUSHING THEIR DAM BUTTONS, to the point that everything you do to succeed makes them painfully aware they're not doing it for themselves. Like that's your problem. I say DO IT ANYWAY, DO IT HARDER, AND PUSH YOURSELF TO THE POINT THAT YOU REACH AND INCINERATE YOUR GOALS. It's not your concern how they feel. Sure if it's your spouse, or ohana, but really, if they love you for you, they'll support you for you, knowing it makes you happy. If not well than may be you need to reassess your relationships. As far as coworkers, business associates etc, may be it's showing you that you deserve bigger and better, and it's time to give yourself the promotion you deserve by moving on and finding better support. In life it goes both ways, when we do what we love, and surround ourselves with people who love what we do and see the vision, amazing things happen. Find people that deserve you for you, if not leave'm behind. No support means, they ain't on your team. BE THE TEAM LEADER OF YOUR LIFE, don't be the seat warmer. PKM2014 Soul Fitness Hawaii

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