Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tip of the Day Start Where You're At

Tip of the Day: Start where you are... Yep, the gym is going to be busy. Yep you have to work today, tomorrow and the next. Yep, the kiddos are calling, they're hungry, got homework, and dinner needs to be made. Yep, hubby is taking off to go to his CROSSFIT CLASS.... WELL WHAT ABOUT YOU???? Hey, guess what, the gym is opens early and closes at 9pm. Don't know what to do in the gym where to start or just to crowded.... start where you're at. In the kitchen, drop it low and do 12 squats. Waiting in the line at the water cooler at work, well squeeze them glutes and pull in your gut. Picking up the kids and they're going off in the car, put some up beat motivating music on and get pumped for your evening class with me. Can't make it call me for a consultation and lets get you ready for your home workout or gym workout, or even work group workout by giving you a program to follow to meet your custom goals. I know you can do that.... trust me you can get so much done in 20 minutes you'd be amazed how good you'll feel and look by just STARTING WHERE YOU'RE AT. #healthandfitness #soulfitnesshawaii #tipoftheday #exercise #women

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