Friday, April 26, 2013

Aloha Friday Tip Of The Day

Tip of The Day ~ Staying in YOUR ZONE : Okay, some of you, like me, hit the gym for more than one reason. It's not only to stay in our best healthy shape. It's also to keep centered and stress free. That being the case, when going to the gym keep your mind focused on your task at hand. 1) Have a workout plan for that day ~ and a back up if all the equipment you need is being used. 2) Make sure your play list is updated for the type of workout for that day. 3) Make sure you player is fully charged and ready to go. 4) Towel and Water on hand. 5) Post meal packed and ready for you when you're done. 6) And last but not least, don't focus on what every other gal in the gym is doing. Don't mind their business. Mind YOURS. Doesn't matter if you think they look hot, or doing something you're not. stay on track. Follow your plan. Look in the mirror and say to yourself "I GOT THIS, THIS IS MY TIME, MY ZONE, I OWN IT." and kick your pretty little ass in gear. If you feel scattered, go find an empty space where you can regroup and take it all in, and get yourself psyched up than go for it. Remember this is your time. You deserve this. YOU pay good money to be there. You sacrifice to be there on so many levels. And you're worth it. SO GIVE IT TO YOURSELF. Don't let the gym hangouts take up your air time, put your game face on and get sweating. Trust me they'll get the message, and move on. HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY BEAUTIFUL WAHINES ~ KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO, IT'S LOOKING GOOD. Aloha ~ Pk