Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bullying Put Me On The Path I AM on Today

Self-esteem, confidence, trust, hope, knowing, and SELF REALIZATION, isn't something I was born with. Not a chance. I didn't just get to this point in my life, and feel the way I feel today. NO WAY! I was the pudgy tomboy that loved to play sports with the guys, I always excelled at sports, but not really well liked by the mean girls. That being the case, BULLING was a normal thing for me in school. I was always picked on in class and during recess for being liked by the teacher, {teachers pet} or because the guys chose me on their teams, or because I did my homework, and didn't get in trouble. I was shy, didn't like looking people in the eye, afraid that it would draw attention, and I would have to fight in the girls bathroom. That too became an issue, because I was so afraid to get beat up, I wouldn't go to the bathroom, causing me to have bladder infections, and issues, even in Jr. high, I hated changing out, since the girls would just barge into the showers and start to make fun of those of us who just wasn't like them. Besides those awkward moments, the list goes on. If finally got to the point that I just was so afraid and hated to go to school. The teachers really didn't do anything about the BULLING, back than and the admin, did stupid things like, if a person DEFENDED THEMSELVES, they got detention too. I grew up not believing that adults especially those who are suppose to help, really did help. I basically lost faith in my parents and those around me for not empowering me or supporting me in moments that could have been really detrimental to a young woman's life. My parents didn't go in and confront the teachers, about the issues, and I grew up feeling that if I would fight back I WOULD BE PUNISHED TOO. I'm not a fighter by nature when it comes to confrontational situations, but as I grew up, I realized that if I didn't fight for myself no one was going to do it for me. When it was time for me to attend high school, I was just paralyzed with fear, since in the 80's the school I was to attend was just overwhelmed with gang related fighting issues, and I just didn't know where to begin to explain that. BUT WHAT WAS TRULY AMAZING WAS MY BODY DECIDED TO RETALIATE FOR ME. I started to break out in hives, have anxiety and refused to go to school. My mom, had to listen at this point and petitioned to get me a district acceptation to another school, and so I moved on. That was the turning point in my life, I felt comfortable, SAFE, and most of all I found a part of me that was missing. THAT'S WHEN I MET HERB ISHIBASHI SR. THE OWNER OF PHYSIQUES GYM IN HILO HAWAII, Mr. Ishibashi, his ohana, and the guys at the gym taught me how to lift weights, the old school way. How to push past feeling scared, uncomfortable, and most of all HOW TO FACE MY INSECURITIES. Yes, I still had them, because my body was different, I looked different, I was never going to be the size 2 BARBIE, or cheerleader, not to mention I couldn't fit in the clothes for girls my age. AND MY FATHER, UNCLES & MOM, HAD AN IDEA OF WHAT A GIRL WAS SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE AND BE LIKE. {I was always teased about my weight, called Fat-so, my mom and aunts always talked about having a flat stomach and being a certain way. They'd say I had arms like legs and thunder thighs, by the soccer assistant coaches.} What I learned by being in the GYM everyday, was I had a place that I could call my own. I was safe. I was appreciated. I was strong, I was accepted for me, and I was empowered no matter what life threw at me, I could handle it. Life is like lifting, you INHALE, AND YOU EXHALE, YOU WAIT FOR THAT MOMENT, AND YOU PUSH THROUGH IT, WITH FOCUS, AND TRUST THAT YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT, AND IF YOU NEED HELP, YOU GOT THOSE REALLY CARING PEOPLE THAT WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK. I will always be grateful for those long gym days, frenz met, lessons learned and most of all for being able to do what I love to do today. BECAUSE I TRULY BELIEVE, THAT IF THOSE THINGS DIDN'T HAPPEN TO ME, I WOULDN'T BE WHO I AM, AND HELPING PEOPLE WHO TRUST ME WITH THEIR HEALTH AND LIVES. I was able to turn a negative, into a positive, BUT IT TOOK SOME TIME TO REALIZE THAT I HAD THE POWER ALL ALONG! What I've learned about BULLING, is it's a painful thing on all levels, but just remember if you're reading this, that when a person BULLIES YOU, really inside they are so afraid themselves, so insecure themselves, so HURT themselves, for whatever reasons that you will never know, that they retaliate at life, and you're just the one in front of them pushing at their wounded buttons. This is not an excuse for them. it's a statement for you to see and know that there's more going on and that the ISSUES IS NOT YOU. IT'S IN THEM. Puakea Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit Resolution Gym #bullying #youhavethepower #standupandfightforyou #gotyourback

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Exercise & Breathing

Health Tip of the Day: Time Management, You're Lying to Yourself....

YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA EXERCISE, you know that don't you??? Yep, sure you do! And the #1 comment every women makes is, "I JUST DON'T GOT THE TIME, after the kids, the house, the dog, cat and everything in between, I'm pooped!" YOU DO HAVE THE TIME! YOU'RE JUST NOT SCHEDULING EXERCISE INTO YOUR WEEKLY TO DO LIST! That being the case you're CHEATING on the CEO of your ohana. So RIGHT NOW, get out your organizer, your phone, or whatever you write your weekly appointments on, and start CHARTING OUT A PLAN TO INCLUDE 3 DAYS A WEEK OF 45-60 MINUTES INCREMENTS OF EXERCISE, that includes RESISTANCE TRAINING, CARDIO, and MINDFUL STRETCHING. {ZUMBA, YOGA, WEIGHTS alone is just not enough, if you want to see WHOLE BODY TRANSFORMATION, you have to mix it up.} Like Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit for more HEALTH, FITNESS, & ALOHA tips of the day.

Health Tip: Bloating, Dehydration, and Hang Over...

Women's tip of the day ~ After yesterdays festivities, all the extra food, beer, wine and late night partying, you're going to feel a little bloated, drained and may be even hung over. 1) Make sure to drink lots of water and rehydrate yourself. 2) Choose light easy to digest foods today, since you probably over did it yesterday. 3) To help with the bloating, drink some GINGER, MINT, or CHAMOMILE TEA. Iced or hot, is up to you, but try to stay away from sweeteners, it will only add to inflammation and bloat. 4) Eat a few spears of PAPAYA drizzled with LEMON, chilled will help neutralize stomach acids, and help speed up digestion. 5) Yogurt, can also help ease stomach upset, just make sure it's plain, no extra sugars needed. 5) WALKING, go take a nice easy stroll in the shade, relax and let your body enjoy the weekend. Moving helps to kick start digestion and the elimination process. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone ~ PK LIKE my Facebook page for more Soul Fitness Hawaii, for you

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time Management & Personal Self Invesment For Women's Health

SUNDAYS <3 at Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit is all about connecting our minds and our hearts, so THAT OUR SOUL'S message can be delivered. Here's the deal, everyday we put our selves through our daily paces, get up, get ready, take the kids to school, go to work, pick up the kids, go to the market, do the laundry, kids homework, make dinner, and that's just the half of it. There's only one simple difference between the person who can handle these stressors and the woman who BLOWS HER TOP! {AND THAN YOU'RE THINKING HOW DO I ADD AN EXERCISE CLASS TO THE MIX???} <3 Sisters realizes that making time for OURSELVES is the wisest most important INVESTMENT step to having A STRESS FREE, OR BETTER YET STRESS MANAGED LIFE. ~ <3 I'm not going to SUGAR COAT IT FOR YOU, there's no getting away from our RESPONSIBILITIES, but how we EDUCATE ourselves regarding how we handle different types of stressors, makes a world of difference. Women, it's time to realize we've been doing it backwards for way too long. IT'S TIME TO PUT YOURSELF IN THE FOREFRONT and start to realize and accept that you are the NUMBER ONE INVESTMENT, BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU, THERE IS NOT GETTING ANY OF THESE THINGS DONE, and your kids, won't get the message that what you do matter. By putting yourself first, you start to realize YOUR WORTH, <3 and start to manifest your SOUL'S DESIRE. So, if you think SOUL FITNESS HAWAII is only about EXERCISE & SWEAT, YOU'RE SO WRONG, I'm about the WHOLE WOMAN & YOUR WORTH. Sundays, is all about MIND, BODY & SOUL as one complete woman. When we divide it up, it don't work. We have to unify ourselves to operate in a WHOLENESS KIND OF WAY. THE MIND HAS TO CONNECT WITH THE HEART, AND THE HEART HAS TO OPEN TO THE SOUL, ONLY THAN CAN PASSION HAPPEN! So for today, make a note to self "TODAY IS THE FIRST INVESTMENT I MAKE TO LOVING MYSELF FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE." Remember you're not only doing this for you, REALLY, in hindsight you are doing it for the LOVE OF ALL. ~ Happy Sunday ~ Puakea

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thumb Tacks Got My Back & Summer Fitness Class Schedules

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Think Being THIN, is Healthier than Fat, NOT SO FAST...

Women, it's time to reassess your views on being that size 6 and being HEALTHY. One thing I see everyday in my personal training clients as well as my LIFT TO THRIVE SENIORS especially the WOMEN, is this on going belief that "SKINNY IS HEALTHY, AND THICK IS FAT AND UNHEALTHY." But this is just not true. There's a huge misconception that is not limited to teens or women ages 20-45, personally I found there's NO AGE LIMITED ON THE SUBJECT. But the older you get, the more you need to realize that lifting weights, doing functional fitness training, fueling your body with healthy foods, healthy doses of water to keep your body hydrated and REST, IS THE FOUNDATION THAT WILL KEEP YOU NOT ONLY ALIVE, BUT HEALTHY TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Because to me, what's the sense of LIVING A LONG LIFE, if you're PLAGUED WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS AND DEPENDENT ON THOSE YOU LOVE, DUE TO THE CHOICE OF NOT TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, MIND, BODY SOUL. “Strong” enhances your life and makes you more functionally fit and capable. “Skinny,” if it comes from calorie restriction, under-nutrition and too much aerobic exercise, makes you weaker and less able to do your daily activities without feeling fatigued. Of course, there are people who are naturally thin but even naturally thin people can benefit from strength training." ~ Cathie Friedrich Check out my other post regarding SKINNY vs. STRONG ~ this article is MARK ON. Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit #skinnyfat #thinskinnygirl #wholebodyblastfitnessclasses #resolutiongymandspa #lifttothriveseniorfitnessclass #hilohawaii #soulfitnesshawaii #functionalfitnessforlife