Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time Management & Personal Self Invesment For Women's Health

SUNDAYS <3 at Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit is all about connecting our minds and our hearts, so THAT OUR SOUL'S message can be delivered. Here's the deal, everyday we put our selves through our daily paces, get up, get ready, take the kids to school, go to work, pick up the kids, go to the market, do the laundry, kids homework, make dinner, and that's just the half of it. There's only one simple difference between the person who can handle these stressors and the woman who BLOWS HER TOP! {AND THAN YOU'RE THINKING HOW DO I ADD AN EXERCISE CLASS TO THE MIX???} <3 Sisters realizes that making time for OURSELVES is the wisest most important INVESTMENT step to having A STRESS FREE, OR BETTER YET STRESS MANAGED LIFE. ~ <3 I'm not going to SUGAR COAT IT FOR YOU, there's no getting away from our RESPONSIBILITIES, but how we EDUCATE ourselves regarding how we handle different types of stressors, makes a world of difference. Women, it's time to realize we've been doing it backwards for way too long. IT'S TIME TO PUT YOURSELF IN THE FOREFRONT and start to realize and accept that you are the NUMBER ONE INVESTMENT, BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU, THERE IS NOT GETTING ANY OF THESE THINGS DONE, and your kids, won't get the message that what you do matter. By putting yourself first, you start to realize YOUR WORTH, <3 and start to manifest your SOUL'S DESIRE. So, if you think SOUL FITNESS HAWAII is only about EXERCISE & SWEAT, YOU'RE SO WRONG, I'm about the WHOLE WOMAN & YOUR WORTH. Sundays, is all about MIND, BODY & SOUL as one complete woman. When we divide it up, it don't work. We have to unify ourselves to operate in a WHOLENESS KIND OF WAY. THE MIND HAS TO CONNECT WITH THE HEART, AND THE HEART HAS TO OPEN TO THE SOUL, ONLY THAN CAN PASSION HAPPEN! So for today, make a note to self "TODAY IS THE FIRST INVESTMENT I MAKE TO LOVING MYSELF FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE." Remember you're not only doing this for you, REALLY, in hindsight you are doing it for the LOVE OF ALL. ~ Happy Sunday ~ Puakea

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thumb Tacks Got My Back & Summer Fitness Class Schedules

Soul Fitness Hawaii for your Mind, Body & Soul
Here's all the information you need to choose me for you wellness journey... check out thumbtack for my latest interview about why I train the way I do? What makes you so important to me? And why having a really nice price isn't always a good thing?