Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Really, I Get YOU....

I love my job, I really do. But there are those very awkward moments when I'm speaking to someone, and they're asking me for help, they're giving me their life story, and why they have to workout, and at the same time they're telling me how busy they are. How they don't have the time, how they only got x amount of time, how far it is, how they're not gym people, how this, how that and at the same time eating a bunch of crap in front of me, and saying they shouldn't be.... AND THE LIST GOES ON.
It's in these moments, my inner voice just can't shut up. I totally understand where a lot of you are coming from. Really I do, I'm busy too. Many of you think, just because I'm a trainer, I live at the gym. This is so not TRUE. I actually have another job, a family that depends on me and I am a care provider for my disabled husband. So yea, I get it. I also can attest to the motivations of having to get healthy, I, myself was very ill a few years ago, and being athletic all my life, I knew I had to get off my ASS, NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK AND GET MYSELF MOVING, EATING ACCORDING TO MY BODIES DEMANDS, AND DETOXING FROM UNHEALTHY PEOPLE. So, when you are basically asking me for my advice, saying you want help, but at the same time shooting down every solution I'm offering you regarding your dilemma, the POINT IS, YOU CAN LIE TO YOURSELF, BUT PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME.
Here's the deal, YOU'RE NOT READY to do what you're claiming you want to do. You're using every reason to not get started towards your LIFE GOALS, you're self-sabotaging yourself, and you're basically trying to tell me you know everything about what you have to do, but ain't doing it. AND AT THE SAME TIME TELLING ME HOW TO DO MY JOB. Really!!! Firstly, it's free advice, you asked, I answered. {I usually charge for that, and if you can't afford my one on one, I offer classes.} Secondly, you're not a lone, there's more going on inside of you, and I know that, YOU know that, and many of us have to accept change in order to heal, move forward and live. Thirdly, when you're really ready I'll be here, just ask. Fourthly, only you can make the choice, but the real beginning starts when you take a good honest look at yourself and realize YOU, AND ONLY YOU, CAN MAKE THE CHANGE. Fifthly, doing what I do is not as easy as you think. I don't just jump up and down, curl some dumbbells and squat my ass off all day. NOPE, I care about my clients, every single one of them. I take their concerns personally, and they trust me. It's the human element that is why I'm here. SO YES I CARE, BUT YOU NEED TO CARE ABOUT YOU FIRST BEFORE I CAN EVEN BEGIN TO HELP YOU.

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