Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sex and Exercise

Sex & Exercise... Okay, you all don't talk about it, but here's the deal, getting in shape is more than just fitting into your clothes! Yea, you want to drop a few dress sizes, and wear that slinky dress, BUT REALLY, IT'S MORE ABOUT SLIPPING INTO THAT SEXY BLACK & RED TEDDY, THAT YOU'RE REALLY THINKING ABOUT. Tell me I'm wrong, I don't think so! Our main hidden agenda is to LOOK SEXY WITH OUT IT! How's about better sex. That's right, when you're healthy mind, body and soul, everything in your life starts to improve, EVEN YOUR SEX LIFE. That's right, SEX!!! Who wouldn't want to be more flexible, more confident, more self assured in bed! Me for one, and ladies trust me when I say you'll have more endurance, you'll be stronger, feel sexier and more sensual, not to mention like how you'll look NAKED. There's so much more to exercise than JUST LOOSING WEIGHT. Your heart is healthier, your bones are stronger and you live longer, and you'll have more and better sex throughout your life. Sex is a very important part of our lives. It's also a very healthy way to express our happiness with ourselves. When we feel healthy, we exude that type of energy to those we love. Just like when we exercise, our bodies release happy hormones that trigger euphoria in a way it's the same as when we have sex. SO HOW'S THAT TO GET YOUR MOTORS RUNNING TO EXERCISE!!! Want more... Exercising for 45 minutes gives you a high, that's why it's been known to help with depression, anxiety and stress. So if you want to lose the weight, that's fine, but before you do, consider all the other reasons to get moving and healthy, I bet you'll be happily surprised and satisfied with yourself for doing it. Puakea Soares-Mercado 2014

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