Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stretching For A Better MInd-Body Connection

Stretching, as part of your workout plan is a must.
For those of you who just hit the gym, no warm up on cardio for even 5 minutes and start stretching before your workout is asking for serious issues. First you shouldn't ever stretch cold, ever, your muscles won't be happy with you. Second, don't ever stretch before a heavy lifting session, you can create muscle weakness and fatigue. Warm up at least 5-10 minutes if you want to stretch and go easy, than work out, if that's what you like doing. I prefer to do a really nice 10 minute cool down stretch session to give my body a release from all the lactic acids build up in my muscles and to get my heart and breath back down to normal, helping me to relax and may be even prevent DOMs {Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness} Everyone has their opinion on the subject, but if you don't do any type of stretching you are missing out on so much healthy benefits, from range of movement, relaxation, mind-body connection, pain prevention, and just feeling good in your own skin. Trying a yoga class may also help you with your pain management if you have injuries, but ask your physician first before trying any type of exercise program if you have preexisting medical conditions to be safe. If you're new to working out get informed first, before just trying something new, to prevent unnecessary injuries. #stretching #yogaforlife #soulfitnesshawaii #workouts

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