Tuesday, December 31, 2013


https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=485825621526879&set=vb.190385971070847&type=2&theater I so love Facebook, and the amazing people and frenz that we meet, and get to know. Some post the most amazing information. Some just post, but every once in a while we come across a post that STOPS YOU DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS AND MAKES YOU LISTEN, NOT WITH YOUR EARS, BUT WITH YOUR MIND, HEART AND SOUL. The kind that brings tears to your eyes for all the most positive reasons, and stirs the passion in you may be long dead, becuase someone told you it wasn't real, that may be you're just a dreamer, and or you're too old to follow your dreams. WELL MY FRENZ, THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF POST, THIS ONE WILL GIVE YOU WINGS TO PICK YOUR HEAD UP AND FIND THAT PASSION AGAIN AND DIG SO DEEP THAT PAIN DOESN'T MATTER, AND THAT HOPES & DREAMS ARE ALL IN YOUR HANDS. YOU MUST WATCH, AND SHARE. Found it on FITNESS GIRL'S POST, CREDIT HER PAGE. http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com

Friday, December 27, 2013

Stretching, Breathing, Healing for Good Posture and Range of Motion

Keep doing it... So when you're all done training,NOT BEFORE, make sure to take 10 and slow it down and let your body get back to a normal heart rate, and ease back down into breathing and sooth those muscles with a real nice whole body stretch. Now you know why we take our time at the end of our WHOLE BODY BLAST CLASS,it's to let the body do what it does best, which is heal it's self. When we stretch we allow the lactic acid that builds up in our muscles to be passed through the bodies amazing systems to help with repairing and neutralizing the damaged stressed muscle tissue which helps to avoid DOMS {Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness} and prevent injury. Realize that stretching is part of your training, and you should always always always make the time to stretch at least for 10 minutes after each workout. Breathing and moving slowly through your postures will help to ease the body tension and create a harmonic transition back into normal body breathing and heart rate, as well as help with ROM {Range of Movement}. ~ PK http://www.soulfitnesshawaii.com

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tip of the Day: Form matters

Ok, I keep stressing in my class form matters no matter what. I don't care how heavy you can lift, I don't care how many reps you can go with all the flaying arms and rocking motion and half of whatever your doing, not to mention all the time you spend between sets just setting up and doing nothing . What I do care about is that what you're doing you may hurt yourself. FORM MATTERS, if you can't do something right drop the poundage and reps. Learn to do it right first. If you're not sure ask a trainer. Don't ask another person in the gym, unless they're a trainer. If not you're just passing on BAD HABITS, and BAD HABITS LEADS TO BAD FORM. It's all about getting the right info. I see people everyday come in, bring in a buddy, and train them the wrong way, rocking, swaying, half lifts, bad form, and the list goes on. Seriously getting a trainer to teach you the right way is worth it. Keeping from getting injured is the goal here. Form always matters, even in group exercise classes. If you're not sure how to do something, talk to the instructor after class and ask for a demo up close so you can really understand the exercise or the move. This will save you from future medical issues, that can simply be avoided. WE all lose form sometimes, it is in the self correction that we keep from hurting ourselves. It's just about knowing what to do and how to do it.

What the Heart Knows, That The Brain Doesent

You thought your BRAIN was smart... The heart center when we listen and understand it more than just being a lump of muscle in our body, we come to understand that the connection between heart/mind/soul is ONE. in Chinese medicine they believe that they're NO SEPARATION. But in modern medicine the way we dissect and separate the connections is why we feel we need to reconnect to something. What is known as FINDING OURSELVES. This is a wonderful article on how the heart magnetically infuses living space. Yes, LIVING SPACE. For in traditional medicine or Tribal healing all space is living energy, that is why we feel things sometimes before they happen. The hearts energy field is what in HUNA IS CALLED ALOHA, because the heart emanates a current that touches all things near and far. When we allow the heart/mind/soul to live as one, we tap into the wholeness that is LIFE. http://youtu.be/pp-r_f8-qz8

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014 Change We Must

Sticking with the same workout program every week, month, year, ain't going to get you nowhere. Lifting the same weights, doing the same exercises, eating the same foods, and you keep asking me why you ain't making gains, or loosing weight..... Better reassess your personal goals, and stop looking at someone else in the mirror. Put your game face on, plug in those ear buds, or get the old school big ones, drop the cap to your forehead and leave everyone at the gym door, THIS IS YOUR TIME, MAKE IT HAPPEN, CHANGE IN ON THE WIND.... Oh, and by the way, when in the gym, and you're feeling distracted, tell you what bring your journal with you notes on your goals, take a look, make it a MANTRA to keep yourself ON YOU. So what if the chick next to you is lifting heavy, so what if the other one has some wild tights on, and so what if there's cattiness in the gym. SHUT IT ALL OUT AND DO YOU. ~ Because in a few weeks, you're going to feel stronger, you're going to start to look tighter, your body fat is going to start to drop, and your energy level is going to go through the roof.... LET'S SET IT OFF.... the fitness classes can only take you so far, your little treadmill workout ain't going to do it.... IT'S TIME TO GET MEAN & LEAN AND TRAIN NOT JUST EXERCISE. ~ Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit if 2014 matters to you. ~ PK Soulfitnesshawaii.com Inspirational Quot by Brian Tracy ~ Muscle & Fitness HER'S magazine

2014 Is it Your Year???

Are YOU Really Going to Do It??? Here's the deal, mostly everyone who purchases a gym or club membership in January will not stick to it by the middle of February, if they're lucky they last that long. Why simple... In most cases it's a fad, that everyone makes. Secondly, the dedication, staying power, focus, isn't there, because most people don't have the right goals. They think they have a goal, but it's not. it's more of a "I WISH...." Wishes don't make loosing weight, getting fit, staying fit, and living a long life. NOPE!!! Most people don't stay with it long enough to see results start to take shape. Everyone want's the quick fix, and like I said in an earlier post, "THERE IS NO QUICK FIXES." So BURN OUT IS evident. Besides people have unrealistic ideas of what they want and how to get it. Be real with yourself, it's going to take time, and being healthy is a LIFE JOURNEY NOT A MIDLIFE CRISES. I strongly suggest take baby steps, and ask for help, create a support group. Hire a personal trainer, even just for a gym walk through and to write you up a program to meet your needs. This will at least get you started in the right direction.... MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS TIME!!!
Here's a progression segment, I've come a very long way, I was way to ashamed of taking pictures years ago. And this one is only from the last year. So I don't have a picture of how I really looked when I was hitting the scale at 195 lbs, and very unhealthy and unhappy. I'm proud of these pictures, simply, because for me, just being brave enough to take one, was a big step. I have met my small goals, and have made new ones, and are hitting each one head on. I'm working on me, I love what I do for me, and when all else fails I know that I got my own back. Being healthy and happy, is my treasure that no one can take. I've worked hard and long and can honestly say I'm so addicted to what I'm about. ~ Aloha PK

Basic Training...

Tried and true... Old School Training like all types of training that has been around have borrowed from each other. To me it's just taking the best of what works for you and creating a plan that fit's your goals in life. I love the foundational training, it's what I build all my workout training programs on, and mix and match styles that compliment each other to keep it relevant and fresh. Funny, but back in the early 80's CROSS TRAINING AND AEROBICS WAS ALL THE RAVE AND TRENDING WORDS, so it's funny to me when people think that the new CROSSFIT AND ZUMBA IS SOMETHING NEW. Like everything in life evolution is great for progress, but we always go back to the BASICS, because it's what works. "Just because new research indicates a food or training concept is better than current approach doesn't mean the old approach turned useless" ~ Pauline Nordin Fighter Diet