Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014 Change We Must

Sticking with the same workout program every week, month, year, ain't going to get you nowhere. Lifting the same weights, doing the same exercises, eating the same foods, and you keep asking me why you ain't making gains, or loosing weight..... Better reassess your personal goals, and stop looking at someone else in the mirror. Put your game face on, plug in those ear buds, or get the old school big ones, drop the cap to your forehead and leave everyone at the gym door, THIS IS YOUR TIME, MAKE IT HAPPEN, CHANGE IN ON THE WIND.... Oh, and by the way, when in the gym, and you're feeling distracted, tell you what bring your journal with you notes on your goals, take a look, make it a MANTRA to keep yourself ON YOU. So what if the chick next to you is lifting heavy, so what if the other one has some wild tights on, and so what if there's cattiness in the gym. SHUT IT ALL OUT AND DO YOU. ~ Because in a few weeks, you're going to feel stronger, you're going to start to look tighter, your body fat is going to start to drop, and your energy level is going to go through the roof.... LET'S SET IT OFF.... the fitness classes can only take you so far, your little treadmill workout ain't going to do it.... IT'S TIME TO GET MEAN & LEAN AND TRAIN NOT JUST EXERCISE. ~ Soul Fitness Hawaii for the Body, Mind and Spirit if 2014 matters to you. ~ PK Soulfitnesshawaii.com Inspirational Quot by Brian Tracy ~ Muscle & Fitness HER'S magazine

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