Friday, December 27, 2013

Stretching, Breathing, Healing for Good Posture and Range of Motion

Keep doing it... So when you're all done training,NOT BEFORE, make sure to take 10 and slow it down and let your body get back to a normal heart rate, and ease back down into breathing and sooth those muscles with a real nice whole body stretch. Now you know why we take our time at the end of our WHOLE BODY BLAST CLASS,it's to let the body do what it does best, which is heal it's self. When we stretch we allow the lactic acid that builds up in our muscles to be passed through the bodies amazing systems to help with repairing and neutralizing the damaged stressed muscle tissue which helps to avoid DOMS {Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness} and prevent injury. Realize that stretching is part of your training, and you should always always always make the time to stretch at least for 10 minutes after each workout. Breathing and moving slowly through your postures will help to ease the body tension and create a harmonic transition back into normal body breathing and heart rate, as well as help with ROM {Range of Movement}. ~ PK

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