Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Basic Training...

Tried and true... Old School Training like all types of training that has been around have borrowed from each other. To me it's just taking the best of what works for you and creating a plan that fit's your goals in life. I love the foundational training, it's what I build all my workout training programs on, and mix and match styles that compliment each other to keep it relevant and fresh. Funny, but back in the early 80's CROSS TRAINING AND AEROBICS WAS ALL THE RAVE AND TRENDING WORDS, so it's funny to me when people think that the new CROSSFIT AND ZUMBA IS SOMETHING NEW. Like everything in life evolution is great for progress, but we always go back to the BASICS, because it's what works. "Just because new research indicates a food or training concept is better than current approach doesn't mean the old approach turned useless" ~ Pauline Nordin Fighter Diet

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