Thursday, December 26, 2013

What the Heart Knows, That The Brain Doesent

You thought your BRAIN was smart... The heart center when we listen and understand it more than just being a lump of muscle in our body, we come to understand that the connection between heart/mind/soul is ONE. in Chinese medicine they believe that they're NO SEPARATION. But in modern medicine the way we dissect and separate the connections is why we feel we need to reconnect to something. What is known as FINDING OURSELVES. This is a wonderful article on how the heart magnetically infuses living space. Yes, LIVING SPACE. For in traditional medicine or Tribal healing all space is living energy, that is why we feel things sometimes before they happen. The hearts energy field is what in HUNA IS CALLED ALOHA, because the heart emanates a current that touches all things near and far. When we allow the heart/mind/soul to live as one, we tap into the wholeness that is LIFE.

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