Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tip of The Day: Death Rate of a Person Who Sits All Day

Tip of the Day: The Death Rate of a person who sits all day... I know you all don't want to talk about death, but when it comes to living a long healthy life, the ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING you can do RIGHT NOW is to make sure you're not cutting your life short by sitting on your ass too long. Here's a really informative short visual, that will give you the lowdown on the goods and bads, and how to get yourself started in living a longer healthier life. GET MOVING, IN THE MORNING, AT NOON, AND LATER IN THE EVENING. I suggest taking a half an hour brisk walk, at least twice a day. I MEAN BRISK, NOT A STROLL. I see so many people walking together, talking but, what they're not realizing you have to raise your heart rate to get the body really moving and the benefits of fresh clean circulation. If not, the body stays the same, like all exercising, increase movement, momentum, rate, challenges the body, to improve it's organs, bones, blood flow, muscle growth, and don't forget the BRAIN. The BRAIN, loves the challenge, get with the PROGRAM AND START MOVING, AND YOUR BRAIN WILL START TO REMEMBER MORE efficiently, your recall will be faster. You'll have a more positive outlook of life. Less depression, anxiety, more energy, and your happy hormones will start to perk up, making you feel more ALIVE. IT'S REALLY TIME TO GET OFF OUR ASSES AND LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!

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