Saturday, July 5, 2014

Health Tip: Bloating, Dehydration, and Hang Over...

Women's tip of the day ~ After yesterdays festivities, all the extra food, beer, wine and late night partying, you're going to feel a little bloated, drained and may be even hung over. 1) Make sure to drink lots of water and rehydrate yourself. 2) Choose light easy to digest foods today, since you probably over did it yesterday. 3) To help with the bloating, drink some GINGER, MINT, or CHAMOMILE TEA. Iced or hot, is up to you, but try to stay away from sweeteners, it will only add to inflammation and bloat. 4) Eat a few spears of PAPAYA drizzled with LEMON, chilled will help neutralize stomach acids, and help speed up digestion. 5) Yogurt, can also help ease stomach upset, just make sure it's plain, no extra sugars needed. 5) WALKING, go take a nice easy stroll in the shade, relax and let your body enjoy the weekend. Moving helps to kick start digestion and the elimination process. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone ~ PK LIKE my Facebook page for more Soul Fitness Hawaii, for you

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