Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Distorted Relationship with FOOD

So very TRUE... YOUR DISTORTED RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD! No matter how many women I speak to everyday, it's the SAME BELIEF SYSTEM that continues to dominate the conversation around weight loss, emotional eating, eating disorders, daily life choices, and the list goes on. It never stops, the myths, FALSE INFORMATION TOOTED AS MEDICAL FACTS BY THE COMPANIES MAKING MILLIONS ON PEOPLE WHO CONTINUE TO BELIEVE that by not eating, or cutting down on their food consumption, will actually SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.... this is just not TRUE. It's the belief systems that we've been programed to buy into that has caused so many problems today, and it's not just in TEENS, OR WOMAN, MEN HAVE THE SAME ISSUES AS WELL. In many cases people can't even identify that they have an eating disorder, or lets put it another way, a very distorted relationship with FOOD. From BODYBUILDERS, ATHLETES, TEENS TO YOU AND ME.... trust me, everyone is different in it's own way, but the common denominator is that at some point the OBSESSION THAT WE HAVE WITH EATING OR NOT EATING IS NOT ABOUT THE FOOD ITS SELF, BUT RATHER OUR BELIEF SYSTEMS THAT LEADS TO OUR EMOTIONAL SELF MEDICATING WITH FOOD. {this can be either with starving one's self or over eating, both extremes have it's root in the EMOTIONAL CENTERS OF THE BODY/MIND/SOUL CONNECTION.} Like I said, you may not notice it, but it is there. With the pressures of being and looking a certain way, as the focus of our materialistic society, the quick fix of popping a PILL, to lose weight, or BURN FAT, or push it faster, harder, longer is the where the LINES BLUR, IT STARTS AS A SIMPLE I WANT TO IMPROVE MY LIFE, LOOK BETTER, BE BETTER, AND SO ON, and than it can escalate into a whole different direction, DUE TO THE UNDER LINING EMOTIONAL ISSUES. TRUST ME IT'S ALWAYS AN INNER TURMOIL THAT CAUSES THE disorder with food. IT IS NOT FOOD IT'S SELF. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH FOOD, IT'S OUR INNER EMOTIONS THAT DRIVE HOW WE RELATE TO FOOD. ~PK

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