Friday, March 14, 2014

Overuse Injuries Women's Health Issues

Tip of the Day: OVERUSE INJURIES.... Are you an everyday addicted I gotta workout for 90 minutes or more kind of gal? Are you a I can't eat this, I can't eat that, I can't drink this, I can't drink that kind of gal? Are you a I'm going to push myself even if it hurts kind of gal? Are you a oh hell, my cramps are bad, but the gyms calling kind of gal? Are you a I look fat, ugly, not perfect kind of gal? Well if you said YES to anyone or all of these, you're heading for a possible ISSUE CALLED OVERUSE INJURY!!! Like all things in life it's called BALANCE. When we don't listen to our body's informational system, we create IMBALANCE. That informational system is what triggers the most common messenger PAIN!!! You may not think that what I've listed above has anything to do with overuse injures, but they do. A lot of deeper issues are over looked by the common symptoms like aches and pains, tiredness, inflammation, and the list goes on. For WOMEN, especially during our monthly menstrual cycle we don't take the time to lighten up, take some rest time for our bodies to transition normally in it's cleansing and hormonal cycle. WE push toooooooooooooooooo much, thinking NO PAIN, NO GAIN, keep going, multitask, etc.... BUT THESE ARE THE VERY TRIGGERS that will cause OVERUSE INJURIES. Besides the list above, many common mistakes is to push through the pain. Fight to get to the top, more more more, heavier, more reps, add more miles, all of these are not necessarily bad, but when done correctly, with the right periodization program, including REST, RECUPERATION, PROPER NUTRITION, AND MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THE RIGHT HEALTHY MINDSET OVERUSE INJURIES CAN BE AVOIDED. Here's the deal. "When we exercise, we are putting our bodies in a state of controlled stress, by the types of workouts or sports we are training and doing. By training in a specific way we can help our body adapt to the type of stress we are inflecting upon it. This can also help us to adapt better to our life's environmental stressors, but when the stressors we are placing on the body becomes way too much, the overload creates immune system malfunctions, when this happens it opens a whole possibility of health problems. Stay tune for more on this subject. #overuseinjuries #soulfitnesshawaii #wholebodyblast #rightexercise #healthforlife #properform

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