Thursday, February 27, 2014

Procrastination & Excuses will only lead to Preventable Medical Age Related Issues

You Really Must Not Matter.... Here's the deal, everyone can find an excuse for doing or not doing something in their lives. It's human nature to procrastinate on the things we don't want to do, or are told we should or have to do. I totally understand. BUT, the bare bones truth is, YOU CAN'T KEEP LYING TO YOURSELF. sooner or later it will catch up to you, and than you'll go into the self punishment mode which will only make things worst. STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE AND TAKE STOCK OF YOUR LIFE NOW. You're probably wondering what the hell is she yakking about now??? I'm talking to you, YOU, the one that keeps putting off your well being for what you believe is beneficial for everyone else., your kids, your spouses, your frenz, your boss, work, the dog, cat, the charity work, whatever.... human nature is to find whatever excuse it is to not do what we know we should to make our lives better. There's many reasons for that, and I totally get it. But if you don't know where to start, what to do, or are afraid, hey, that's only natural too. Ask for help... life is about new experiences and learning. But here's the low down on that painful truth, if you keep saying you don't have time to get healthy, eat right because it's too expensive, the classes are at the wrong time, the gym is too busy, I don't like the people there, it's not my thing, a trainer is way too expensive for me to afford, or better yet my kids are more important and their games are at the same time, so I just can't do it....Well sister, think of this, DO YOU WANT TO BE AROUND TO SEE YOUR KIDS GROW UP, HAVE HAPPY LIVES, HAVE KIDS OF THEIR OWN??? DO YOU WANT TO LIVE INTO YOUR 90S, BEING INDEPENDENT AND DRIVING YOURSELF AROUND? DO YOU WANT TO STILL HAVE GOOD HEALTHY SEX YOUR LIFE? DO YOU WANT TO AGE GRACEFULLY WITH A HEALTHY GLOW???? Well than, you better get cracking.... time waits for NO ONE, keep using that excuse, and you're going to fine yourself running out of time. It's never too late, but, why start when something is broke, start now to prevent damage from even happening, and if it does, because life does what it does, you'll be better equip to handle it. ~ PK

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